Music Score Recognition with ReadScoreLib


ReadScoreLib is a binary library for conversion of printed musical score images to MIDI and MusicXML, as used in the PlayScore App. ReadScoreLib is ideal for smartphone apps as well as Mac and PC applications as it can compensate for the lighting and geometric distortions produced by device cameras. It will be available on OS X, iOS, Android and Windows.

ReadScoreLib generates MusicXML following the format of the original music, including cross-staff beaming and other refinements. Slurs, ties hairpins and dynamics are supported.

Printed music is usually an incomplete description of the intended performance, leaving much to the intuition of the human reader. A typical page of printed music may lack a time signature and rests in some of the parts. It may contain triplets and duplets not marked as such and notes misaligned with their intended beat. As a result direct OMR output tends to sound jerky and unmusical. ReadScoreLib makes up for these deficiencies and generates a MIDI file which sounds continuous and musical.

ReadScoreLib processes a typical page of music in a few seconds on the latest cpus. There will be continual development with regular improved releases.

Licensing of ReadScoreLib

If you are interested in licensing ReadScoreLib please contact us

The SeeScore SDK for MusicXML rendering

The SeeScore SDK is a compatible MusicXML rendering library with many features also available for licensing, with free evaluation download